Can I change the reservation?

You can't change the date of delivery. Please contact the person in charge if you want to change the Receving Time at the Airport.

Though I submitted a request, an answer doesn't come

Sorry. It is out of service from 22:00 to 8:00.

When there is not the name to correspond to family name, what should I do?

Please input the name reserving the hotel. In the case of blanks, please put a handle in the blanks.

Can I ask you a question on the telephone?

We don't respond by phone.

Though I made a reservation on the name of the friend, is it all right?

Sometimes the front desk of the hotel doesn't receive it. Please input the name reserving the hotel.

I don't want to share my social network account.

We can contact via e-mail

It is 23:00 departure, will you carry it by a reservation on that day?

The reservation is until 18:00 the day before.

I can't decide what to do about that. What time should I make a reservation by?

The reservation is until 18:00 the day before.


Which airport can I make the delivery booking.

For now, our service is available for Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

Do you have a luggage storage service?

Sorry for your inconvenience. We only have delivery service for now.
You can check out our service here https://www.ca-go.jp/event-top

Can you deliver it to a place other than a hotel?

We can basically deliver to only the place that we appoint.

Can you deliver it from the hotel to another hotel?

Sorry we don't have 'Hotel to Hotel' service at this moment. However We do provide service both way , 'Airport to Hotel' and Hotel to Airport'.

Is there a voucher?

No, it isn't.

Is there the box for souvenirs?

No, we don't prepare.

Can I get on the delivery car, if I pay extra?

Sorry, we don't have that policy.

Is it possible to keep it for a long time?

No, you can't do that.

Where can I get an inquiry?

Please inquire on the Web or on each Social medias.

Why is it so cheap?

It is able to do by doing everything from the reception to the delivery by ourself.

Do you have a case or a bag to prevent my luggage from getting dirty?

Sorry, we don't have provide any luggage cover.

Is it a proper company?

We are also a company that has a permission for "hands-free travel" from Japan.


How size of luggage can you deliver?

It is the size that we can put it into locker. 86×55×33 (cm)

Can you deliver even the luggage of what kind of contents?

There is the thing which you must not put in luggage. Delivery prohibited list

I am afraid my luggage arrives properly.

You can get some infomations about your luggage on Social message APP.

How long does it take time for delivery?

5 hours are shortest on that day.

Can you deliver the surfboard?

We can't deliver the thing more than the rule size. Note on checked luggage

Is the delivery possible at a hotel on a day before the check-in?

It is possible if the hotel can keep it.Please confirm the front of the hotel.

Can you deliver a backpack?

Yes,we can. But please don't put breakables and a destroyed thing. Because shocks may increase during transport.

If I put it in the locker of the airport, will you take it?

We can do it if you pay the price. Even if a trouble occurs, we don't get the responsibility.

There is the thing which I want to take out from my luggage, are you still in time?

After we pick up your luggage, you can't do it. Please contact the charge of the reception desk in SNS

My passport is not found, will you confirm it in my luggege?

Sorry. We can not open your luggege.

What kind of people carry it?

A specialist named CADDY will carry it.

Can I send an animals?

No, you can not.

Can I send non luggage item?

It is possible if within the limits of weight and size.


What if I did not receive my luggage?

If there is an accident or a problem caused by our failure, it will be a separate flight as an emergency response after contacting you, we will deliver it to the airport where you arrive.

My suitcase is broken.

Damaged or lost items are subject to compensation. Please note that compensation doesn't apply to loss or damage resulting from pre-existing defects, unforeseeable natural disasters,natural wear and tear, force majeure etc. Please contact the person in chage for details.


The cancellation of the reservation

Airport → Hotel If you don't come after Receving Time at the Airport, we confirm the arrival of the airplane and contact you. When you don't contact me even if two hours pass, the reservation is canceled. Hotel → Airport If you don't prepare for luggage at the front desk of the hotel, we contact you. Even if the payment was over, the reservation is canceled when you don't contact me even after 30 minutes.

I may be late at the Receving Time at the Airport.

When you are late by traveling troubles, you must contact us before than the time.

The flight cancelled due to bad weather.

When the flight may be canceled by typhoons and other causes, we confirm whether we deliver it on the day before. When we cannot deliver it by weather aggravation and a road trouble at the appointed time, we refuse to make reservations.


How can I pick up my lugagge at airport?

You can pick up it from Caddy(derivery staff)or Coin-locker at airport.

What time can I pick up my luggage? ( Standerd Delivery )

You can choose the receiving time at Airport during 1PM to 8PM.

What time can I pick up my luggage? ( Same-day Delivery )

You can choose the receiving time at Airport during 3PM to 8PM.

How do I take it out of a locker?

We will send to you the locker number and the PIN code when it arrived.

It is 16:00 departure, what time can I receive my luggage?

You can receive it from 13:00.

Is it possible that my friend pick up my luggege at the airport by proxy?

You are supposed to come in person.

I can't find CADDY. Where in the airport are you?

We send you the map. If you don't understand, please contact the person in charge.

Is it OK that I go to pick up my luggege after I return the Wi-Fi first?

Please make sure to contact us until you receive luggeges.

I lost my smart phone.

It is OK if there is a way to contact.

The history I was contacting has disappeared.

What kind of contents do you need? We will deal with it right away.


What time will you pick up my luggage?

We will be there in the morning. Please prepare for the luggage by 8 AM.

I want to receive it at an airport at 14:00. What time should I prepare for luggage by?

Please make a reservation by 18:00. And please leave luggage with the front desk of the hotel by 20:00 until the day before.

When I left it with the front desk of the hotel, I was said that it cost money of the temporary custody.

Some hotels may require it, so please pay at your own expense.

Packing is not enough, how long will you wait?

You must complete preparations for laggage by time. When a trouble is given at the delivery time of other visitors, the offer may be not accepted.


How do I pay you?

When we confirm your reservation, we will send the page of payment.

Is there the discount if I use it in a group?

The price is according to the amount of luggage.

Though I made a reservation,when should I pay that by?

Please do by 6PM the day before. When you pay it, the reservation is completed.

How to pay?

By Credit Card. You can pay in cash if you pay at the convenience store.